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Timba ︎ Kaurna

[4-bed / 3-bath / 8 person ]
Designed to feel as though you’re nestled high amongst the trees, Timba is an unforgettable luxury bush retreat on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Framed by more than 100 acres of dramatic South Australian country and catered to lovers of art, design and the environment Timba is a peaceful and private refuge  — a lifestyle holiday from our overcommitted, overconnected lives. 

We have endeavored  to create a special space to enjoy time, make memories and relax with ourselves and those we love. 

Welcome :)

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Scroll is a bi-annual “arts” journal sometimes informed by the following tenets:

  1. Art is a play with distance and focus; art never arrives and is never in focus.
  2. Art and artists do not exist.
  3. Art and artists do exist.
  4. To take advantage of topicality is iniquity.
  5. Art is the friction between items 2 and 3.
  6. To make art you must be a butterfly catcher as well as a caterpillar.
  7. Confidence is always meretricious but like fangs is useful.
  8. If humans make art, so do all lifeforms, whether tulips or trout or whatever.
  9. “I am nature” is a really good artist’s statement.
  10. If item 2 is true, then artists never die.
  11. Art is not limited to “Art”.
  12. Artists are not the only “Artists”.
  13. Cynicism seems like a bad mode but so do earthquakes. Still optimism seems wise.
  14. No method or mode can be applied successfully to everything.
  15. A true “art” is unintelligible to everyone but the artist. Sorry.
  16. Anyone who gives more than he has is a thief.
  17. Your mind doesn’t tell you the truth.